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Does Failure Really Place You On The Road To Success?

Play a quick true or false game with me today...

"Failure is the stepping stone to success" -- True or False?

Chances are you picked "True," right?

Not so fast. As it happens, there's a right way to fail and a wrong way to fail. Research into the science and outcomes of failure tells us that failure alone isn't enough to trigger success.

That makes sense. After all, there's an awful lot of failure that happens every day, so if all it took were to fall flat on your face to plant the seeds of success, the world would have a lot more successful people.

Can you agree with me on that thinking?

So if success from failure depends on failing in the right way, how do we fail the right way?

Tune in this time next week, and I'll begin to lay the framework for how to fail with success in mind and how to make sure your kids do the same.

Chat soon,



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